With real time information (RTI) filing, it’s never been more important to get your payroll processing completed by professionals. From director-only annual payrolls, to hourly-paid weekly payrolls, we can ensure that all staff receive a password protected e-payslip and you will receive detailed reports showing your liabilities and any pension contributions. We can track your staff holiday, ensure that SSP and SMP are logged correctly and we can even add all this information to your book keeping software.

Year-end processing is a doddle, and annual P60’s are included at no extra charge. If you provide your staff with company cars, health insurance or other benefits in kind, KFS Accountants will also process your P11D’s and P11D(b).

Don’t forget that employers are now obliged to have a company pension scheme that qualifying employees can auto-enrol on. For more information, download our free guide ‘Pensions auto-enrolment’ from the Factsheet menu.

If you work in the construction industry, all of your subcontractors are entitled to monthly statements of deductions each month, this is a legal requirement and one many in the industry neglect to do. At KFS, we can ensure these statements of deductions are sent to your contractors in a timely manner via email, password protected on your behalf. When you take on new ‘subbies’ we will verify them to ensure that the correct percentage is deducted from their wages. You will also receive monthly reports, ensuring you know the liability amount due to HMRC.

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