A good book keeper is worth their weight in gold. Getting the basics right is key for correct reporting. A bad book keeper can cause extra work when it comes to the accounts preparation, this is why we always try and recommend you use our services for book keeping.
The key thing is to know the difference between a data entry clerk and a book keeper.
If you have someone who purely keys in your sales and purchase data then you have a data entry clerk.
A book keeper knows how double entry works and understands what happens behind the scenes in your accounting software. A book keeper will also be able to add journal entries, run reports and check and file VAT returns.
All of our book keeping staff have accountancy qualifications to ensure they have more knowledge than someone you may employ as a book keeper in house. They are also Xero and Hubdoc certified. We will of course work with other online systems like Kashflow, Clearbooks and Quickbooks.
For those clients under the VAT registration threshold, we’re happy to work with spreadsheets if you are not using online software.
However, KFS Accountants do encourage all sole trader and limited company clients to use an online system to future proof their business and enable all parties to have the ability to access reports throughout the year.
We might be more expensive per hour than having someone in-house, but if you want ad-hoc work it’s an ideal choice and keeps your headcount down; saving you money on employers' national insurance and staff holiday pay.

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